17 Absolutely STUNNING Beaches in the Philippines

stunning beaches in the philippines

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With over 7,000 islands to explore throughout the Philippines, how on earth do you choose your ultimate beach spot? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which ones best suit your needs.

Each one has its unique qualities, that’s why we’ve created this list of 17 absolutely stunning beaches in the Philippines for you to choose from!

best beaches in the philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but with so many options, it can be hard to choose the best for you.

17 Most Stunning Beaches in the Philippines

We’ve narrowed our list down into 17 stunning destinations that will cater to any beach-lover looking for the most gorgeous scenery.

Whether you want a secluded beach, a snorkeling haven, or an amazing surf spot, check out these stunning beaches in the Philippines to find your perfect one today!

(In no particular order…)

1. Alegria Beach, Siargao Island

alegria beach best beach in siargao philippines
Alegria Beach

Alegria Beach has a wide, long stretch of white sand, perfect for swimming and some fun in the sun when visiting Siargao Island.

It’s a great place to escape the hustle of General Luna and is only occupied by a few low-key surfers. With a handful of boutique restaurants, it provides a gorgeous setting for a relaxing beach getaway.

Alegria Beach is often overlooked by travelers because it can be difficult to find, however, if you’re looking for something secluded with fewer crowds than other Siargao beaches, then you’ll love it.

Getting There

Alegria Beach is about a 1.5-hour drive from General Luna and costs around $11 including scooter rental and fuel.

2. Hidden Beach, El Nido – Palawan

hidden beach best beach in el nido philippines

The best beach when island hopping in El Nido is Hidden Beach – a secluded golden sand cove that is the perfect place to swim and snorkel.

It’s a huge highlight for travelers, so it can get busy, but it’s still totally worth seeing because of the stunning views and natural beauty that surrounds it.

Graced with limestone cliffs, rock formations, and crystal clear waters, you’ll want to stay for longer than your scheduled island hopping tour allows.

Getting There

Hidden Beach is on El Nido’s Island Hopping Tour C, costing around $30 per person. Alternatively, you can charter a private boat for upwards of $80 for the day.

3. Langob Beach, Malapascua Island

langob beach best beach in malapascua philippines
Langob Beach

Langob Beach is best known for its golden sands and crystal clear waters, which are perfect for a day of relaxation under the sun.

Malapascua Island is a haven for scuba divers and snorkelers, so be sure to take your gear and explore the gorgeous underwater world on offer.

Getting There

Malapascua Island can be reached in 30 minutes by boat from Maya pier and costs around $6 per person.

4. Malcapuya Beach, Coron

malcapuya island best beach in coron philippines
Malcapuya Island

A visit to Coron would not be complete without a lazy day spent on the beaches of Malcapuya Island. White sands and clear waters make this paradise a dream for any traveler.

It’s a great place for relaxing and swimming in some of the best waters in the Philippines and provides amazing marine life for avid snorkelers.

Considered one of Palawan’s best beaches, it can only be accessed via boat, with most tours coming in from Coron. We highly recommend hiring a private boat from Coron Town and spending the whole day on Malcapuya Island.

Getting There

You can rent a private boat from Coron Town for $55 for the whole day, for up to 6 people. It is around 1-hour away when traveling directly to the island.

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5. Puka Beach, Boracay

puka beach best beach in boracay philippines
Puka Beach

This is not what comes to mind when you think of Boracay, but it is still a fairly underrated beach on Boracay island. The water is crystal clear and shallow, perfect for children to enjoy swimming and sunbathing on this picturesque, white sand beach.

The name Puka comes from crushed seashells mixed with white sands, creating the most stunning scenery you could wish for from a beach getaway.

It’s perfect if you want to escape the crowds and see Boracay in its purest form.

Getting There

Puka Beach is a 20-minute tricycle ride from Boracay center and costs around $4 for 3 people

6. Bonbon Beach, Romblon

bonbon beach best beach in romblon island philippines
Bonbon Beach

If you are a total sucker for beautiful beaches, you’ll be hard pushed to find one more spectacular than Bonbon Beach in Romblon.

Famous for its long, narrow sandbar – it is the epitome of what jaw-dropping beach scenery should look like.

Due to it being notoriously difficult to get to (as it’s off the beaten track) you’re likely to find yourself sharing this beach with very few other people.

If you’re looking for a remote and secluded picture-perfect beach, Bonbon Beach is the ideal spot!

Getting There

From Romblon town center you can reach Bonbon Beach in 10 minutes by scooter, costing $10 for one-day rental.

7. Mantigue Beach, Camiguin

mantigue island best beach in camiguin philippines
Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island is just off the coast of Camiguin and has one of the best beaches in the Philippines thanks to its pristine and powdery white sand.

It is a protected marine sanctuary that boasts colorful coral reefs and a gorgeously lush nature park, enough to keep you entertained for hours.

With a handful of places to buy food and drinks, Mantigue Island makes for a stunning day trip and escape from Camuguin.

Getting There

Mantigue Beach can be reached in 20-minutes by boat from San Roque port and costs around $11 for up to 6 people.

8. Ditaytayan Beach, Culion

ditaytayan island best beach in culion philippines
Ditaytayan Beach

Ditaytayan Island is what dreams are made of when you’re planning a trip to the Philippines.

Nestled in between El Nido and Coron, it takes a while to reach this absolute gem, but when you get there you can expect a Robinson Crusoe beach, almost all to yourself.

Getting There

It takes 1.5 hours to get to Ditaytayan Beach from Coron Town by boat, costing $40 as part of a group tour. For a private charter, you can expect to pay around $160 due to the long distance.

9. Saud Beach, Pagudpud

saud beach best beach in pagudpud philippines
Saud Beach

Dubbed the Boracay of the North, Saud Beach is what the former was known for before it became world-famous and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of the Philippines.

With endless amounts of soft sand, it’s a relaxing place where you can rent umbrellas and towels and dine from a selection of great beach restaurants.

Getting There

From Laoag City you can hop on a bus which takes around 1.5-hours and costs $5 per person.

10. Alona Beach, Panglao Island

alona beach best beach in panglao island philippines
Alona Beach

Alona Beach in Panglao Island is considered one of the best beaches in the Philippines. It has a white sandy beach that stretches for a mile with calm blue waters.

With a huge selection of bars, restaurants, hotels, and other tourist amenities, Alona Beach is the perfect destination for a comfortable and stunning beach vacation.

The gorgeous reefs provide hours of fun amongst the colorful marine life and are popular with snorkelers and divers alike.

Getting There

From Bohol City you can take a 15-mile tricycle ride costing around $10 for two people.

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11. Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor Island

salagdoong beach best beach in siquijor island philippines
Salagdoong Beach

There is a small entrance and parking fee to visit Salagdoong Beach, but for a good reason.

Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor Island is one of the best small beaches in the Philippines. This beach has been attracting tourists for decades, particularly for its snorkeling and diving opportunities.

For adventure travelers who love cliff jumping, the beach has two diving boards at a height of 20 and 35 feet.

Getting There

It takes 50-minutes by habal-habal or tricycle to get to Salagdoong Beach from San Juan, costing around $7.

12. Gigantes Beach, Iloilo

gigantes island best beach in iloilo philippines
Gigantes Island

Gigantes Beaches offers white, powdery, soft sand and crystal clear waters. They are teeming with marine life and is the perfect place to escape into your own little slice of paradise without the crowds.

With an abundance of fish, squid, crabs, and shrimp, it has some of the cheapest and bests seafood you’ll ever experience.

Getting There

Gigantes Island is 13 miles off the coast of mainland Carles and is reached by passenger ferry in 1 hour from Bancal port, costing $3 per pers

13. Anguib Beach, Santa Ana

anguib beach best beach in santa ana philippines
Anguib Beach

Anguib beach has some of the finest emerald waters in the whole of the Philippines and provides a wonderful setting for snorkeling and diving.

It is home to a diverse range of wildlife from lizards, birds, shrimp, fish, and other marine life. There are also many interesting places to explore in Santa Ana.

Getting There

From Nangaramoan Beach you can take a 25-minute boat ride, costing $40 for up to 8 people

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14. Subic Beach, Tikling Island – Matnog

subic beach best beach in tikling island philippines
Subic Beach

For a peaceful getaway, head to Subic Beach on Tikling Island. This white sand beach is perfect for relaxation and offers a wide range of water sports like kite surfing, rafting, and windsurfing.

Famous for its clean waters and clear view of the sunset, Subic Beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The water is also turquoise and crystal clear, which makes for some fantastic snorkeling and diving.

Getting There

You can charter a boat from Matnog Town, taking 20 minutes to Tijling Island and costing around $40 for up to 10 people.

15. Gumasa Beach, Sarangani

gumasa beach best beach in sarangani philippines
Gumasa Beach

Gumasa Beach has 4 miles of white sand, backed by palm trees and surrounded by turquoise waters.

It is still fairly unknown to tourists, so it’s a great place for those looking to find more solitude on the coast.

The water is relatively shallow and safe for swimming at most times of the year, which makes this beach an excellent choice for families with children or inexperienced swimmers.

Getting There

From Glan van terminal you can take a tricycle or habal-habal, costing $2 per person.

16. Sugar Beach, Bantayan

sugar beach best beach in bantayan philippines
Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island

One of the best beaches in the Philippines is Sugar Beach on Bantayan Island.

The best thing about Sugar Beach is that it feels secluded, even though there are plenty of nearby amenities to cater to your comforts. There are also people who visit the area specifically for diving and fishing.

The straw huts along the beach make a perfect setting for a relaxing getaway.

Getting There

Sugar Beach is a 15-minute tricycle ride from Sante Fe port and costs around $6 for two people.

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17. Nacpan Beach, El Nido

nacpan beach best beach in el nido palawan philippines
Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is home to pristine white sands that stretch for over two miles with clear blue waters.

It is a perfect vacation spot, popular with locals during the summer months who escape the heat of Manila.

The beach has a selection of restaurants where you can enjoy meals and drinks, providing an excellent location for both families with kids as well as couples who want a piece of serenity.

Getting There

Nacpan Beach is 45 minutes away by shuttle bus from El Nido town and costs around $11 per person.

Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

Have you finally found your perfect tropical beach getaway?

We’ve rounded up the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, whether you want to escape the crowds or find the best spots to surf and swim at, there is something here that will make all beach-lovers swoon.

Have you visited an amazing beach in the Philippines that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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