Most Engaging Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

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Instagram is a great place to engage with other travel bloggers and find inspiration from some of their amazing experiences. We have discovered beautiful destinations and hidden gems as a result, places you can’t find easily trawling by the net.

Some travel influencers are lucky enough to grow incredibly fast before the inevitable happens – they take a dip in engagement along with their loyal followers. Regularly posting pretty content can be a full-time job and keeping followers active can become almost impossible.

These are some of our favorite travel bloggers to currently follow, not just based on their gorgeous photos but also their level of authentic engagement. It’s great to feel part of a travel community of people who are happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the convo.

The Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram


@kayley_suzanne_ offers a story behind the picture which is what makes them so special, and if you love a little light-heartedness her kick-ass banter is second to none! There is a personal touch with her posts which makes you feel incredibly connected and she’s one of the favorites that I look forward to on a daily basis.


@elseeingplaces is a relatively new account but she is not short of any followers! Her photos are beautiful and extremely popular, yet she manages to remain fully engaged with her audience. Great style of photography and beautifully contrasted filters.

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@whatifwefly_ are one of the coolest travel couples out there. They met in Hawaii and now live in Australia, taking us on a quirky journey to the prettiest of places. They look like great fun to be around and give awesome bants too!


@unexpectedexplorers are two flight attendant sisters based in Dubai and Sweden who clearly see a lot of the world and log it for our pleasure. Their engagement rates are extraordinary thanks to a detailed description behind every photo. I always find myself spending far too much time on their page learning something new! Their blog is also in the making and we look forward to reading their content once it’s launched.


@flying_wanderlust is like your glamorous best friend posting their travel diary. There are some all-out beauty shots and then there are the raw ones you want to see that people rarely post. If you have a love for Africa then it’s for you. I came across them when researching a holiday to Zanzibar and it’s given me lots of inspiration!

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@wafflesandlamingtons – love the name and love the couple! Another relatively new travel blog by two people who fell in love whilst traveling. You know the kind that you really want to succeed? I’m sure they have a promising future judging by their spectacular photos and engagement levels.


@freeourdream are the travel couple that look like they are genuinely having fun on their hols whilst snapping a few effortless pics along the way. You’ll find yourself wishing you were wherever they were, plus they are extremely friendly which always helps!


@postcardsfromlia is an incredible travel blogger. Not only does she create beautiful content but she’s one of the most helpful when it comes to creativity tips. She provides a detailed description of her experiences and doesn’t hold back on her opinions which is refreshing. Oh and she also writes awesome blog posts…

We hope you enjoy these guys and girls as much as we do. Let us know of your most engaging travel bloggers to follow on Instagram add we’ll be happy to add them to this list!

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