Hijingo: A Bingo Gamechanger With An Unforgettable Twist!

hijingo london review

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Let’s get one thing straight, Hijingo didn’t just walk into town – it burst onto the scene, turned bingo on its head, and tossed the rulebook out the window.

It’s not just a game anymore – it’s a jolt to your senses, a wild ride that keeps you craving more.

Offering a striking blend of innovative gaming, captivating visuals, and an energetic atmosphere, it has truly elevated the excitement factor to a whole new level!

And they’ve just released a new theme upgrade that now makes Hijingo one of the best nights out in London. 

Buckle up as you’re about to get the full scoop!

NOTE: This post is not sponsored by Hijingo and is our honest review from our own personal experience.

hijingo prize winner
Hijingo winner!

What is Hijingo?

Well, in simple terms it’s bingo, but not as you know it.

It’s as if bingo got a cyberpunk makeover, replete with neon lights and a futuristic Japanese theme, and became cool again, drawing in the hip, the curious, and the thrill-seekers.

The Concept

The masterminds behind Hijingo aren’t messing around – they’re Bounce and Puttshack, the same geniuses who’ve lit up stages for Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and Skepta.

Expect stunning video and motion graphics, high-tech lighting, a mega soundtrack, and six chances to win in each (2-hour) bingo session.

We weren’t just playing bingo; we were on the edge of our damn seats!

hijingo bingo room bar
The Bar in the Hijingo Room

Suitable Occasions to Visit

Whether you’re planning a night out with friends or a corporate bash, Hijingo is your ticket to unforgettable moments.

It’s got everything: laughter, excitement, and a ‘just one more game’ vibe that keeps you going back for more.

Hijingo makes the perfect event for:-

  • Night Out with Friends
  • Date Night
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Corporate Events

Regardless of the occasion, Hijingo delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves everyone wanting more.

hijingo in shoreditch london
Hijingo, 90 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BA

Our Recent Visit

Our recent foray into Hijingo was a revelation from the moment we stepped into the venue.

The staff were great, the games were exhilarating, and before we knew it, we were there for a whopping six hours and three full sessions. That’s right, six hours of non-stop, heart-thumping Hijingo action.

We’d been once before, but this time round, they’ve introduced an 80s theme – and we couldn’t get enough…

New Hijingo 80s Theme

hijingo 80s theme night
New 80s Theme!

Now, let’s get to the latest juicy gossip: Hijingo’s new 80’s theme night.

Imagine turning back time, cranking up the synth-pop, and donning your best leg warmers for a night of pure, unadulterated fun.

They’ve gone all out on the aesthetics, with neon lights, retro fonts, and geometric patterns that’ll have you feeling like you’ve time-traveled.

As for the music, well, they’ve nailed it with a killer playlist of 80s classics that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear whilst belting out those favorite tunes!

If you’re looking for a night out that’s out of the ordinary, a trip down memory lane, or simply a kick-ass time, then take our advice – visit Hijingo. We promise you won’t regret it.

hijingo on arrival

The Venue

Stepping into Hijingo, you’ll feel like you’ve walked onto a film set – think Blade Runner vibes, blazing neon lights, and a space that can host up to 200 bingo enthusiasts. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo hall!

From the moment we arrived, we were mesmerised.

The innovative blend of technology with a traditional game like bingo felt like a sucker punch of awesomeness. Backed by a crew who’ve lit up stages for some of the biggest names in music, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

hijingo box office
Bingo cards ready on arrival!

On Arrival

We arrived at the venue 15 minutes early (as recommended) to ensure things went down without a hitch.

Our bingo cards were already prepared, tucked neatly into a Hijingo bag with red marker pens and labelled with our name.

We gratefully collected our personalised bags and couldn’t resist the temptation to head over to the Lucky Cat Bar for a cheeky pre-game beverage before the fun commenced.

pre game drinks at hijingo
Lucky Cat Bar for Pre-Game Drinks

The Crowd at Hijingo

The crowd at Hijingo is a vibrant mosaic of diversity. From urban trendsetters to laid-back casuals, youngsters to silver-haired mischief-makers, 9-to-5 office-goers to cosy couples – the place is buzzing with every type imaginable.

Amidst this whirlwind of styles and ages, the magic of Hijingo shines. There’s an infectious sense of community that transcends differences and fosters a shared experience of pure, unadulterated fun.

So, no matter who you are or where you’re from, at Hijingo, you’re part of the party

dance off at hijingo

The Game

Diving headfirst into the Hijingo universe, we unraveled that it’s as simple as it is exhilarating.

Each session hands you two cards, and each card packs three separate games, each with its own booty.

First round, you’re nailing a diagonal line; second round, it’s a criss-cross showdown; and the final round, it’s a full-on free-for-all with all numbers covered.

hijingo countdown to game
Countdown to first bingo game

Session Duration

A full Hijingo showdown lasts just under two hours, and each session includes two bingo cards, three rounds apiece.

While they offer a single-card option, let’s face it: one game just won’t cut it.

In fact, on our latest night out, we upped the ante with two extra sessions – we’re talking six cards apiece!

The Winners Experience

Winning at Hijingo is straightforward: stand and deliver a booming ‘HIJINGO!’

With the thumping beats filling the air, the vigilant ‘bots’ (staff) are on the prowl for any triumphant shout-outs.

When the music hits pause and a victor emerges, it’s off to the stage to validate their winning card.

However, when multiple winners pop up, it’s time to throw down in a dance-off! The entire room then gets to decide who truly earns the booty, adding a hilarious twist to the night.

And for those bold enough to falsely claim victory?

A chorus of playful boos echoes across the room, adding to the excitement and camaraderie of the Hijingo experience.

winners dance off at hijingo
Dance-off when there is more than one winner

Hijingo Prizes

Let’s lay it out for you: Hijingo’s prizes aren’t the typical ones you’d expect from traditional bingo.

But don’t fret!

You’re not in it for the loot; you’re here for the ride.

Round One

In our opinion, the first round actually offers the best prize of all –  a robot vacuum! Prizes do shuffle around, but at the moment, that’s what’s up for grabs.

Round Two

Round two could win you a hilarious light-up raincoat or umbrella. You think you wouldn’t want one, but wait till you see it!

Round Three

Now, for the grand finale. The third round offers a £50 cash prize or, if you’re feeling lucky, a chance to gamble for a holiday or £250.

But here’s the kicker – a potential prize is also a… hat.

Yep, a hat.

Laughable, but totally on-brand.

At Hijingo, it’s not the spoils but the journey that keeps you on your toes!

hijingo criss cross round

Game Prices

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: game prices and potential discounts.

The Hijingo Experience: £16 – £20 per person. This package includes two game cards for a full session, usually about two hours. Expect £20pp at peak times.

Bingo Brunch: £45 – £49 per person. This weekend option offers a full session with a brunch main meal and bottomless Prosecco and beer.

More group deals and corporate event options are available on their website.

Hijingo Discounts

Here’s a tip: If you’re up for playing a second session, booking it at the venue will land you half-price tickets.

Something we found out during our last visit is that you can get half-price tickets on the day (after your first session) rather than booking both sessions online.

If you’re interested in making a night of it, trust us when we say that two full sessions are the way to go!

Just bear in mind, you’re running the risk of the next session being fully booked if you don’t book in advance.

Food and Drink

food at hijingo
The food is delicious at Hijingo

The Hijingo experience doesn’t stop at bingo; it extends to a food journey, too. On both our visits, we absolutely loved the selection of Asian street food coupled with the usual burgers.

While Hijingo isn’t a food-focused venue, the dishes were all great, with standout stars like Buttermilk fried chicken, Braised beef short rib samosas, Deep-Fried Sushi Rolls, and Cauliflower Wings with Gochujang sauce.

The drinks, on the other hand, left a bit to be desired, with the cocktails feeling somewhat watered down.

This didn’t ruin our evening though, we stuck with a trusty Malbec and still had a whale of a time!

Once you’re in the Hijingo Room everything is ordered via a QR code placed on your table, with very easy payment options on the app.

cocktails at hijingo

The Squad

Hijingo’s staff – what a bunch of legends!

They brought the fun, the wit, and the energy, spreading smiles all around.

Their playful charm and devotion to delivering an unforgettable experience gave our night that extra glitz.

So here’s a toast to the team that makes Hijingo the wildly entertaining ride it is. Hats off to them!

stage performance at hijingo

Hijingo Dress Code

Upon gearing up for our maiden journey to Hijingo, we found ourselves thrown into a frenzy – was there some kind of dress code for this place?

Fret not, folks. Hijingo rides the wave of modern times – wear what you damn well please!

Dress up, dress down, or dress sideways – it’s your call!

It was a complete mixture when we visited, with folks donning everything from casual hoodies and trainers to retro 80s gym gear, and even dazzling sequin dresses teetering on 6-inch stilettos.

Rock what makes you feel like YOU!

individual toilets at hijingo
Funky toilet design

Hijingo Cancellation Policy

If you’re booked for the Hijingo Experience, you can cancel and get a full refund, as long as you make a request more than 48 hours before your game starts.

Make sure to waltz in at least 15 minutes before your session commences, as they’ll slam the doors shut to the Hijingo Room the moment the game starts.

If you’ve gone all out with a package deal, they’ll need a heads-up at least seven days in advance. Check out their Booking Policy page for further details.

Score a Free Drink on Your Next Visit

The day after you’ve had your wild night out, keep an eye peeled for an email in your inbox – it’ll contain a survey from Hijingo.

Spend a couple of minutes spilling your guts – let them know what you think. They value your feedback, and they’ll pore over every single word.

In a flash, Hijingo will fire off a voucher for a free drink to you!

Next time you hit up Hijingo, flash your voucher and you’ll soon be sipping back on a very welcome cocktail.

hijingo survey email
Email from Hijingo

Overall Review of Hijingo

Our romp at Hijingo was a riot, and we can confidently say that it was one for the books in our London escapades.

If you’re looking to sprinkle some pizzazz into your regular London nights out, we can’t endorse Hijingo enough.

It’s a fabulous feather in the cap of the city’s bustling entertainment scene, and we can vouch that you’ll walk away on cloud nine, possibly even itching to come back for round two.

After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and Hijingo is most certainly your prescription for a good time!

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