9 Incredibly Luxurious Tented Camps and Lodges in Serengeti

serengeti safari best luxury tented camps and lodges

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Whether you are planning a Serengeti Safari or just dreaming about the possibilities, your experience would not be complete until you have stayed in an amazing luxury tented camp or lodge. 

Even if for one night, spending some time right in the middle of the action is a top priority for most people and should not be missed! 

However, there are some important factors that you should consider when staying at safari campsites.

Before we get onto those, here are some of the most incredible luxury camps and lodges in the Serengeti for an unforgettable safari experience.

Where is the Serengeti?

The Serengeti is located in the most northern part of Tanzania, on the border with Kenya. You can fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and then head to Arusha where most safari tours will begin. 

The Serengeti drive from Arusha takes around 8 hours with no stops and is a great way to experience a safari for your first time. An overnight stay in Ngorongoro en route is a must.

 Alternatively, you can fly direct from Arusha which takes 1 hour.

serengeti views of giraffe

What makes Serengeti the best safari destination?

When people dream of doing an African safari, they are most likely thinking about the Tanzanian kind. The Serengeti offers some of the best game viewing experiences along with a front-row seat to the best nature show on earth – the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Coupled with some of the top safari accommodation in Africa, the Serengeti is a bucket list destination for many. 

serengeti safari game viewing

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Let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay whilst visiting the Serengeti.

Serengeti Luxury Camps and Lodges

There’s nothing quite like staying in a luxury tented camp or lodge in the center of the Serengeti with the opportunity to hear the scuffle of hyenas and the incredible roar of lions right outside your room! Here are some of the best camps and lodges in the Serengeti for the ultimate safari experience.

1. andBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas

andBeyond under the canvas serengeti

‘The closer the better’ is the goal of this migratory camp, as it moves 5 times a year to follow the great migration, bringing you even closer to the action.

Even though this is a ‘mobile’ camp, there is no expense spared on the luxuries that await.

If al fresco dining is your thing, andBeyond will be difficult to beat with its incredible feast beneath a canvas of stars.


  • From $740 per night
  • Camp tents: 9
  • Stargazing experience 
  • Free use of Swarovski binoculars
  • Personal butler service
  • Charging station

2. Singita Sabora Tented Camp

singita saboroa tented lodge

If you fancy a 1920s-style safari experience, then this is made for you!

Luxury camping at its finest, it offers you everything you could possibly need whilst in the vast plains of the Serengeti, including a swimming pool, meditation deck, and fitness room.


  • Prices from $1510 per night
  • Camp tents: 9
  • Spa
  • Fitness room
  • Boutique and Gallery
  • Swimming Pool

3. Sayari Camp

sayari camp serengeti

This award-winning camp is located near the Mara River with easy access to the Great Migration during peak season.

You can treasure your experiences while eating gourmet food, relaxing on your veranda, or taking a dip in their pool overlooking the plains.

They even offer unique flavor beers as they have launched a micro-brewery!


  • Prices from $680 per night
  • Camp tents: 15
  • Microbrewery 
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Library

4. Dunia Camp

dunia camp serengeti

This is the only camp run entirely by women in Africa! 

A firm favorite among repeat guests, Dunia is in the perfect location for watching the herds without moving a muscle! 

If you want to enjoy more time in camp than out on the dusty roads, then this is the ideal place for it.


  • Prices from $415 per night
  • Camp tents: 7
  • Charging facilities in all rooms (USB friendly)
  • Run entirely by women
  • Great location
  • Lounge area with TV

5. Namiri Plains, Asilia Africa

namiri plains asilia africa serengeti

Namiri Plains has undergone a major refurbishment in 2019 and is more beautiful than ever.

With a sleek modern feel and luxurious decor, this camp is a photographer’s dream. An outdoor bath overlooking the plains is something not to be missed!


  • Prices from $480 per night
  • Camp tents: 10
  • Backup generator available 24/7
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Lounge with TV

6. One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti

one nature nyaruswiga serengeti

One Nature Nyaruswiga offers an ultra-luxurious experience for safari guests.

With wooden walls and tented canvas, this hybrid camp offers luxury like no other in the Serengeti.

Take a dip in the hot tub after a long game drive before topping it off with a private massage by a skilled therapist.


  • Prices from $1140 per night
  • Rooms: 14
  • Walk-in closet
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Hot tub
  • Pool
  • Badminton/tennis court
  • Spa

7. Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge

kubu kubu tented lodge serengeti

These gorgeous lodges resemble nipa huts commonly found in the Philippines. Offering fantastic views of the nearby Grumeti River, the customer service here is second to none.

Providing great value for money, this lodge has everything you need for a couple of days in the Serengeti.


  • Price: starts at $320 per night
  • Rooms: 25
  • Pool
  • Backup generator

8. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

four seasons safari lodge serengeti

This lodge is what we consider the epitome of luxury.

It’s the thoughtful details, such as the TV in your room that will notify you of any wildlife right outside!

The highlight of the lodge is definitely its infinity pool directly across a watering hole where local elephants stop off to have a drink.


  • Prices from $1290 per night
  • Rooms: 77
  • Swimming Pool
  • Salon
  • Fitness Room
  • Games Room
  • Kids Club
  • Spa

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9. Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

lemala kuria hills lodge serengeti

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge offers 15 glass-fronted tented suites, each coming with its own plunge pool. Perfect for honeymooners and total romantics!

The suite is elevated with amazing views and privacy is almost guaranteed with enough distance between suites.


  • Prices from $465 per night
  • Rooms: 15
  • Private Plunge Pool
  • Spa
  • Lounge area
  • Amazing views

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Things You Should Know About Staying in Tented Camps

If it will be your first time traveling to Serengeti, staying in safari camps, or perhaps both, there are some things you should know.

Luxury tented camps are generally located in the best areas, with private facilities, and use canvas material for their setup. This entwines you with nature without compromising too much on necessities and comfort, but you will need to make some sacrifices as expected.

With this in mind, you should consider:

Creepy Crawlies

One thing we didn’t really think too much about were the insects in the Serengeti. On our first night, we arrived quite late at camp and headed straight for dinner. Whilst sat at the table a rather large ‘cricket’ began running across the room at full speed. This was followed by another three within the space of 20 minutes.

Curiosity getting the better of us, we asked our guide what it was, to which his response elicited a rather horrifying reaction. “Tarantulas.” These things moved so fast and with the low lighting it was difficult to make them out, but they were everywhere.

The first night was a very sleepless one as we were convinced they would be in our tents too. We needn’t have worried as the rooms are completely sealed and we didn’t find a single one. Phew!

Oh, and beware of the annoying and rather bitey tsetse flies, they pack a punch! The best way to deal with them is to make sure you’re not wearing black or dark blue colors, have long sleeves/trousers, and spray a natural-based repellent OVER your clothes as they are capable of biting through.

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Limited Hot Running Water

If you like a nice warm soak then you’ll have to make sure you choose one of the very few camps that can offer running hot water, or potentially go without washing your long locks for a few days! Our tent had hot water ‘on-demand,’ which in basic terms meant asking for the staff to fill the bucket with hot water at a particular time for a shower.

Most camps will fill a large bucket for two people, you can ask for one each but you may feel a little high maintenance if you ask for any more than this!


The best campsites are without perimeter fencing which may leave you to question your safety, however, the staff are very experienced and will give you a full briefing as soon as you arrive. They will escort you to your tent after dark hours, which is normally when most hunting takes place.

Wildlife incidents and accidents are extremely rare. Although animals may closely graze, they move on quickly. Just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines given.

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Sleep Interference

Whilst staying in your tent, you will hear the slightest crunch of grass, whistling of the wind, and animal sounds during the night. If you’re a light sleeper or tend to get anxious then this is something to think about.

From our experience, the moment we were woken up at 4 am by the roar of a lion right outside our room, it made the first sleepless night well worth it! If you can’t compromise on sleep then perhaps consider wearing earplugs – you won’t hear a thing but at least you can still enjoy the environment to a certain extent.

In years to come you won’t remember the sleepless nights, but you will cherish the immersive memories forever

And remember to secure your belongings to avoid animals (particularly baboons) from stealing them!

IMPORTANT: Plastic bags are now banned in Tanzania. However, you can still use silicone bags or packing cubes to keep your personal items dry and organized.

Having recently been to Tanzania we have created this handy list of essentials for your safari packing list.

Serengeti Luxury Tented Camps and Lodges

Where you choose to stay during your trip is crucial to achieving that ultimate safari experience you have been dreaming of. If you’ve never tried anything like it before then this is arguably the greatest way to tick it off your bucket list.

Hopefully, this has answered your questions and helped inspire you to consider some of the most luxurious camps and lodges in the Serengeti.

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