Microblading: Preparation, Aftercare, and Maintenance Tips

Microblading Preparation Aftercare Maintenance Tips

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So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and have your eyebrows microbladed? Or just being very sensible and researching the factors that may influence your decision to go ahead. Microblading shouldn’t be done on a whim as it requires specific measures to be taken for the best results.

Either way, all of the answers to your questions about microblading preparation, aftercare, and maintenance can be found right here…

microblading preparation aftercare and maintenance

The right preparation can ‘make or break’ when it comes to how great your freshly microbladed eyebrows will look and how long they last. With so many differing opinions it can become difficult to decide what you should take heed of and what is not entirely necessary. Having tried and tested several methods I have found that the right preparation, aftercare, and maintenance is crucial for great-looking eyebrows.

I have tried dry techniques, wet techniques, washing, no washing, creams, ointments, lotions, and potions – here is my formula to gaining the best microbladed eyebrow results possible.

For the full low down on the whole Microblading process read this ➔➔➔ MICROBLADING: Everything You Need To Know

Microblading Preparation

Here’s how to get your skin ready for the procedure:

Up to 1 Month Before Procedure

No Vitamin A/Retinol products1 month before
No tanning (real, fake, or electric beach)2 weeks before
No facial peels/laser/electrolysis/botox2 weeks before
No tweezing/waxing/tinting1 week before
No Fish Oil or Vitamin E (natural blood thinner)1 week before
Gently exfoliate your eyebrows (to remove dead skin)Every 3 to 4 days

24-48 Hours Before Procedure

To prevent excessive bleeding:

  • No alcohol 24-48 hours before
  • No coffee on the day
  • No aspirin or ibruprofen

Excessive bleeding in these terms are nothing to worry about (health-wise), but it will have an impact on how well the pigment deposits into the skin. I once had treatment two days after an unplanned, heavy night out and my technician knew about it before I confessed! Excessive bleeding definitely made a difference to my final results, so you have been warned!

Microblading Aftercare

Your new eyebrows will look substantially darker immediately after your treatment and in the following days after. This will change during the healing process and pigment will become lighter, fading to the extent of you wondering why you had bothered in the first place! This is completely normal and to be expected.

The entire healing process takes around 4 to 6 weeks, at which point the pigment will begin to start showing your final results.

The area around your eyebrows will become flaky and scabs will form. In order to prevent it from becoming an itchy mess, I found the wet healing process works best. Making sure that the scabs fall off naturally rather than being picked is crucial to your results.

Picking scabs off prematurely will result in fading of color and patchiness – not something you want after all the effort (and money) you’ve spent on them.

Hygiene is incredibly important. Keeping tools sterile and clean will minimize the risk of infection to the area – something you definitely want to avoid!

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On the Day of Treatment

When you get home you will see that the surface of your eyebrows may be yellow and crusty from lymphatic liquid (healing process). Hopefully, your technician would have placed an ointment on them to keep them moist. If there is still lymphatic liquid oozing then gently blot the area with a clean tissue and apply a thin layer of ointment again.

Important: Wash your hands before doing any aftercare!

Before bedtime, gently wash your eyebrows using a gentle therapeutic shampoo with warm sterile water (tap water contains living organisms and bacteria, which can cause an infection). Boil the kettle and let the water cool before using a cotton swab to rub in a small amount of shampoo gently in circular motions. Rinse with sterile water and pat dry with a clean tissue. Repeat this every night before bed.

TIP: Cleanse your forehead and temples with Johnsons Baby Wipes (oil-free), making sure to avoid your eyebrows. After applying a very thin layer of ointment on your eyebrows, place one long piece of cling film across them, ensuring it is fairly tight. Then place some waterproof plasters on either end of your temples to keep cling film in situ, and voila! Your eyebrows are not coming off on your pillow tonight!


The cling film tip is important for the first night, especially if you struggle to sleep on your back. I use it for 6 to 7 days until my eyebrows have fully healed and swear by this process for the fastest healing times. This can also be used to have a shower – just make sure you use waterproof plasters across the top to stop water from getting into the cling film.

In the morning your eyebrows should still be moist if your cling film remained in place. No washing required – just cleanse your face (do not get any water on your eyebrows) and then apply a thin layer of ointment and you’re good to go!

TIP: When applying ointment to your eyebrows do not use your fingers. Use a clean cotton swab, changing sides for each eyebrow to make sure there is no spread of bacteria.

General Microblading Aftercare and Maintenance Tips

No direct sun exposure or tanning (use this oil-free SPF50)1 Month
No facials/chemical treatments/peels/botox1 Month
Avoid oil-based products in facial moisturizers/SPF/makeup1 Month
No cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) or exfoliants1 Month
No swimming, saunas, steam rooms, sweaty exercise10 Days
Avoid getting eyebrows wet in the shower (definitely no direct water pressure on them)7 to 10 Days
Use a fresh pillowcase and avoid sleeping on your face7 to 10 Days
No makeup around the eyebrow area1 Week
Do not rub, pick or scratch the area1 Week
Do not over-apply ointment as this will suffocate your skin1 Week

Summary of Daily Care

  1. When cleansing in the morning do not get your eyebrows wet
  2. Apply a thin layer of ointment using a cotton swab
  3. Before bedtime, gently wash eyebrows with anti-bacterial shampoo and pat dry
  4. Apply a thin layer of ointment using a cotton swab
  5. Apply cling film as per above
  6. Repeat for 7 days or until all scabs have naturally fallen off

And remember this about Microblading…

The pigment will look faded and patchy after 10 days – do not panic! Your true color will appear when the skin has fully healed at around 6 weeks. Your touch-up should be booked in at this point and will correct any areas that need a little more attention.

If you enjoyed this post take a look at Microblading: Everything You Need To Know which covers all of your Microblading questions!

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